Make Professional looking video using JUST your Smartphone!

In just two hours you can learn how to use your Smartphone to shoot and edit better videos. See the SPECIAL OFFER!

Welcome to Smartphone Video Creator A mini-course that will teach you everything you need to know about improving your videography skills, with tips, tricks and techniques relevant across all skill levels specifically for filming and editing with smartphones.


This  mini-course can be completed in a few hours is perfect for anybody who is: 

● A Newbie to video filming on their smartphone

● Students studying media and need to create some professional videos

● Freelancers wanting to expand their skill set but need to use their existing smartphone

● Business owners wanting to leverage the power of video but want to use their existing smartphone

● For those wanting to move from just point and shoot to get real quality looking video and then know how to edit and what apps to use

Hear what’s available in the sessions:

Access to 7 sessions on one easily accessed system

● Around 2 hours of relevant content that will fire up your enthusiasm

● Easy to follow modules packed with practical information and techniques

● Access to our private FB group

● Links to important resources with suggested viewing

● Quiz checks to help you learn the fun way

●  Mike and Dan training you with professional cameraman and editor  production experience

● If you are not 100% satisfied you can claim a refund within 14 days

Special Offer Mini Course

get the SmartPhone Video Creator Mini Course at a Discounted price $27!


-  Up to 2 hours of Valuable Smartphone Filming and Editing learning videos

- Supporting resources to suitable apps and learn more

- Access to a private FaceBook group to chat with like-minded people and get more resources


OFFER $37)

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Get the 'Special Festive Offer' course and study it whilst you are on your Festive Break. Your videos can look so much more professional!

Jill Carding

Publications & Jounalist

"I love the mini-course because it has helped me to become confident, and creative using just my smartphone!"

Jill Carding

Publications & Jounalist

Kevin Burgess

Marketing Director

I really enjoyed the course - it was well constructed and the voice-over was clear and easy to understand. I particularly enjoyed the module relating to the iMovie editing capabilities built into an iPhone as standard - I had no idea of the degree of sophistication available! Highly recommended!

Kevin Burgess

Marketing Director


'Things You Need to Know About Videography'